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The complexity of cellular networks

1. Meet complex networks


  • Introduction to complex networks
  • Very brief history of the field
  • A coctail of examples
  • General structural characteristics from diversity
    • Degree distribution
    • Paths along links, small worlds
    • Betweennes centrality
    • Clustering coefficient, network motifs
    • Degree correlations
    • Modular organization, hierarchy
    • Self-similarity, fractal nature of networks
    • Overlapping communities

CVBR course syllabus (pdf)
 Lecture 1 (pdf) 




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    7. For references on specific network datasets see reviews 5, 6
  • Very brief history of the field:
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  • A coctail of examples:
    1. The Internet
    2. Business ties in US biotech-industry
    3. E. Coli Metabolic network: E. Ravasz, Evolution, hierarchy and modular organization in complex networks (Ph. D. Thesis), Notre Dame (IN): University of Notre Dame, (2004);
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  • General structural characteristics from diversity (citations coming soon!):